Update on Griffith Avenue Trees - February 2022

In August 2021 Dublin City Council removed 18 trees along Griffith Avenue (from the Drumcondra Road to the Malahide Road). The trees were removed following a DCC survey which identified them as being diseased and a risk to public safety. AHAA was advised by Dublin City Council that the felled trees would be replaced in the next planting season which is November 2021 to March 2022.

In anticipation of the replacement of the trees, a couple of members of the Association have undertaken a detailed examination of the trees along the Avenue from Drumcondra Road to Malahide Road. In all over 60 trees have been lost to this section of Griffith Avenue over recent years.

AHAA is looking for DCC to introduce a detailed tree maintenance plan for Griffith Avenue, to include the replacement of the trees felled in August 2021, as promised, and the replacement of some 40 other trees felled in recent years.

You can see a summary report and details of the survey completed on the trees undertaken by our members here.

The All Hallows Area Association would like to thank the members of the Association who undertook this survey and compiled the detailed report on the Griffith Avenue Trees. We are fortunate to have their expertise available to us. We thank them for their commitment to the task on behalf our community.

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