Update on Griffith Avenue Tree maintenance - October 2021

All Hallows Area Association has followed up with Dublin City Council regarding the  plans for replacing the trees that were felled in August 2021 following the tree survey findings that the trees were diseased and unsafe. Please see  the update from Dublin City Council below.


Dear [AHAA Committee],

It is our intention to replant as many trees as is achievable this planting season Nov – Mar, however as you have pointed out there are significant works being carried out at the location at this time so we are really looking at carrying out the planting towards the end of the planting season once the current works and reinstatement are completed. It is mostly intended to replant London Plane trees to the roadside to preserve the integrity of the boulevard hopefully into the next century. However there is an opportunity to plant different species on the inner verge next to the residences. I have spoken to a good number of directly affected residents and some have already given an indication of what trees they would like to see planted next to their homes. Other affected residents who have not yet expressed a preference or wish to discuss what might be appropriate options can contact me directly on this email. 

The sewer work is managed by way of a road opening licence issued by the transportation department who are ultimately responsible for ensuring the conditions of the licence are adhered to.  

Le gach dea-ghuí, 

Fergus O’Carroll
Senior Executive Parks Superintendent
North City Parks District 

E: fergus.ocarroll@dublincity.ie
T: (01) 222 6626