Plaque proposed to mark the history of All-Ireland finals at Clonturk Park

The first All-Ireland finals played at what's now Croke Park were the 1895 finals. However, between 1887 and 1894 the most popular location for big GAA matches in Dublin was the extensive sports field in Clonturk Park. The All-Ireland football and hurling finals of 1890, 1891, 1892 and 1894 were actually played there.

Since 2009 the GAA has erected plaques and monuments on its major historic locations. Given the national sporting significance of Clonturk Park, the Association would like to see a plaque erected to record the significance of Clonturk Park to Ireland's sporting cultural heritage. This can hopefully take place with the support of local residents and the permission of Dublin City Council. Support has also been received from present day users of the sports ground in Drumcondra AFC. Further information can be sought by emailing