Planters - a little bit of colour to brighten your day

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As part of AHAA’s area enhancement efforts, the committee acquired four planters to brighten up our urban landscape. The initial outlay was jointly funded by AHAA and DCC with AHAA assuming responsibility for ongoing planting and maintenance. We chose to position the planters at the following junctions as the path was sufficiently wide to facilitate both pedestrian traffic and large one metre square pots.

  • Grace Park Terrace and Grace Park Road
  • Glandore Road and Sion Hill Road
  • Calderwood Avenue and Sion Hill Road
  • Calderwood Road and Sion Hill Road

We were delighted to accept delivery but the initial months did not pass without a few hiccups. We unfortunately experienced some repeated vandalism but your committee is made of sterner stuff and we managed to resolve this.

Each planter is now maintained by the local committee member but we would be delighted if anyone with an interest in plants would like to help or share some expertise. We would be even happier if anyone living close by could throw the odd bucket of water over the plants. As the gardeners will know, containers dry out very quickly and need a lot watering, even during wet weather.

These planters are manufactured by PACE which is a social enterprise group based locally in North Dublin. They have a variety of planter styles and sizes available for sale directly to the public.


Keeping our area clean and tidy is important to all our efforts to enhance our environment. The Council does a good job but it is not enough. Our members can regularly be seen picking up litter and clearing leaves along our beautiful roads. If you have an hour or so to spare and would like to become involved in our next organised ‘clean up’  let us know via our Contacts page here.