Local input needed on Jewish Cemetery project

An interesting project is currently underway that may be of interest to our members and it’s also one that they may be able to contribute towards.

I am contacting you about a project that is taking place at the moment on the Jewish Cemetery in Ballybough.

As many will be aware, the Jewish Cemetery on Fairview Strand in Ballybough is currently undergoing aa refurbishment of the mortuary house and grounds.

An audio guide of approximately 40 minutes in duration is being created that tells the story of the Jewish Cemetery. Points of interest will be identified and tracks will be created that will bring the story of the burial ground to life for the listener. It will be professionally recorded and produced and will be distributed across a wide number of platforms. The producers would like to include some local voices in the audio guide, each interview will last for about 3 minutes.

Cormac Moore, Historian-in-Residence with Dublin City Council is collating input from those interested in participating and is keen to hear from anyone who’d like to contribute. You can email him on cormac.moore@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @cormacmoore

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