Griffith Avenue – Autumn Leaves Collection 2022 – Update December 2022

Thank you to all those who helped with the Autumn Leaves collection on Griffith Avenue over the past few weeks.

Some residents are still raking and bagging the last of the fallen leaves. Dublin City Council has advised that the Council will continue to collect bagged leaves over the coming weeks until the task has finished. Residents who are concerned that their bags have not been collected should email or phone 012228870 and DCC will arrange for the bags to be collected.

Thank you

The All Hallows Area Association, on behalf of the residents of Griffith Avenue, would like to thank all those who helped out with the recent community leaves clearing effort on Griffith Avenue. Thank you to the residents themselves, our neighbours and volunteers from nearby roads, and to our local councillors who supported the initiative. We thank the DCC officials who supplied the equipment and bio bags and the Council workers who promptly collected the bagged leaves and who continue to clear the remaining leaves from our footpaths and the cycleway.  

A special note of appreciation to the young volunteers in our local schools, their parents, teachers, the school caretakers and all in the school communities for their participation in our community effort. The pathways are now cleared and tidy and, most importantly, they are clean and safe for walkers young and old and for all who travel on Griffith Avenue each day.