Dublin City Council leaves collection arrangements for Griffith Avenue

Saturday 12th November to Saturday 19th November 2022.

The big Autumn leaves clear-up has already started on Griffith Avenue. Residents have started clearing the paths outside their homes and raking and bagging leaves for collection by Dublin City Council.

The AHAA has been advised that from Saturday 12th to Saturday 19th November 2022 Dublin City Council will provide a dedicated leaves collection service for Griffith Avenue. The Council will deploy road sweepers, mini sweepers for the footpaths and cycleway and collection trucks to Griffith Avenue throughout the week.

Dublin City Council has provided a supply of bio bags and some equipment such as rakes and leaf grabbers as well as HV Jackets and gloves to AHAA for residents use. Residents can order bio bags by emailing allhallowsresidents@gmail.com, by phoning or texting 0851448527 or by contacting any of the AHAA Committee members.

The bio bags should only be used for leaves and small weeds. Filled bio bags should be left in a public space that is convenient for residents and which can be easily accessed by Council workers for collection.

On Saturday 19th November we ask residents and volunteers to come out for a final clear up while the DCC resources are on the Avenue The raking and bagging will start at 10am and continue into the afternoon. AHAA members and volunteers will be available along the Avenue with supplies of bags and some equipment to help with the work. All are welcome to help with the task. If you can assist, for an hour or so, particularly on Saturday 19th November 2022, your neighbours will be glad of the support.

Safety First- Covid 19
Please comply with Covid 19 guidance. Be safe, use your own rake, wear gloves and maintain social distance.

Autumn Leaves Collection – Wanted - Volunteer Coordinators for Griffith Avenue
The AHAA is looking for volunteers to assist with the organisation of the leaves collection on Saturday 12th November to Saturday 19th of November, 2022, particularly with the final clear-up effort on Saturday 19th November 2022. The task involves distributing bio bags and leaves gathering equipment to residents and coordinating the raking and bagging effort in various locations along the Avenue. If you can volunteer a couple of hours for the task, please email: allhallowsresidents@gmail.com