Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2022 -2028

Dublin City Council has opened a consultation on the Draft Dublin City Development Plan
2022 to 2028.

The plan sets out the Council’s policies and objectives to guide how and where development
will take place in the city area over the next 6 years. It includes policy objectives to do with
the structure of the city, housing, sustainable neighbourhoods, transport, mobility, the green
infrastructure and recreation. It has chapters on land-use zoning and development standards.

These are important issues that will impact on the development of our area over the next few
years. We encourage residents to have a look at the draft plan and to make a submission to
the Council. You can find details of the draft plan and how to make a submission here.

The closing date for submissions is 14 February 2022.

The All Hallows Area Association is putting together a submission on behalf of our
members. If you have views on any aspect of the draft plan, please let us known and we will
input them to the consultation. Please email us at allhallowsresidents@gmail.com by the end
of January 2022.