Committee Decisions due to COVID-19

The AHAA Committee recently met for our first ever virtual meeting. At this unusual time a series of decisions were required in order to maintain our operations. Below is a summary of the decisions made at this meeting.

Decisions taken by the Committee of All Hallows Area Association in accordance with the Association’s Constitution in the context of the Coronavirus (Covid19) emergency measures introduced by the Government

In the light of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic, the Government have introduced a national emergency plan to protect the public by delaying the spread of the virus. The emergency measures introduced involve severe restrictions on the population throughout the country. The restrictions have a heavy impact on people’s lives and severely limit community activities at this time. In this scenario, the Committee of the All Hallows Area Association (AHAA) has taken a number of decisions, in accordance with its constitution, to guide the orderly conduct of its affairs during the present extraordinary situation.

The constitution of the All Hallows Area Association sets out the governance arrangement for the association and how it carries out its activities on behalf of its members. Rule 8 states that no alteration shall be made to the rules unless approved by a majority of two thirds of the members present at the AGM. Rule 8 also states that if, at any time, circumstances arise for which there is no provision in the rules the Committee’s decision on the matter shall be binding. ​​Accordingly, in accordance with the AHAA Constitution, the Committee has unanimously decided as follows:

1. The Annual General Meeting.
The AHAA Constitution (Rule 6) states that the Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held not later than the 30​ of April in each year. The Committee has decided that it is in the best interests of members to postpone the AGM at this time. The Committee will organise an AGM as soon as it is practicable when the present restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so.

2. The members and officers of the Committee
The AHAA Constitution (Rule 4) states that the Committee of the Association shall be elected at the AGM and that the term of office of an officer is one year (Rule 4.5). The Committee has agreed that the members and officers of current Committee (elected at the 2019 AGM) will remain in place, in an acting capacity, until the Association can hold an AGM.

3. Subscriptions
The AHAA Constitution (Rule 5) states that the annual membership is payable by each household on a calendar year basis. The Committee has decided that there will be no collection of the annual subscriptions this year and that a subscription holiday will apply to members.

4. Management, Communications and ongoing work.
The Committee will continue to manage the affairs of the Association at this time. Community projects will continue to be progressed where feasible and having regard to Government guidance. The AHAA Facebook page and email will be maintained as the principal means of communication with members for the time being.

All Hallows Area Association Committee
Catherine Hazlett (Chairperson), Paul Sheridan (Vice Chairperson), Peter Mc Donnell (Secretary) Robbie Dale (Treasurer), Vincent Kelly, Denis Hodson, Carol Cunniam, Mark Stanley, Barry Mc Hugh Mark Rasdale, Clodagh Hunt Sheridan.

Dated: 6 May 2020