AHAA Representations on Upper Drumcondra Road

Overall the last several months, AHAA has taken on board feedback from our members about the state of Upper Drumcondra Road on a number of fronts:

  • The poor state of the footpaths
  • The noise pollution caused by the road surface and volume of traffic
  • The lack of any relevant air pollution statistics for the area

We have made a number of representations to our public representatives on the topic of potential for footpath repairs in particular, given the recent work completed on Griffith Avenue, Calderwood Road and other areas.

A copy of some of the communications is below. 

In summary, Dublin City Council have confirmed that there are planned works for footpaths between 2-24 Upper Drumcondra Road which they are hopeful of completing before the end of the year. Any additional works would require additional budget to be allocated in 2021, but they communication seems to commit these works to happen in 2022 at the latest.

Dear Councillors,

In September, 2021 AHAA wrote to Dublin City Council about the condition of the footpaths on Upper Drumcondra Road and the need to address the poor condition of this stretch of Drumcondra Road, the main thoroughfare used by local residents to get to local bus stops, shops and restaurants. DCC replied to the effect that if funding was made available this year or next year, the work would be scheduled.

I write to ask our Councillors to ensure that, in the upcoming discussions on the budgetary provision for 2021/22, the long overdue work on Upper Drumcondra Rd is prioritised for completion without further delay.

I have copied the DCC reply below. Our letter to the Council is attached for your reference.

Catherine Hazlett


Road Maintenance Services has localised footpath works scheduled on Drumcondra Road Upper at the shops at between 2-24 Upper Drumcondra Road. These works were actually planned for 2020 but due to Covid restrictions at the beginning of the year, they are still not completed. We would hope to complete these works by the end of this year. In addition to this, a number of localised repairs between Griffith Avenue and Ormond Road have been identified. Due to the location of these works on Drumcondra Road, these works are best carried out by contract as part of our Major Works Contract. If there is additional funding and contractor availability in 2021, these locations will be added to the works program. If not they will be included on the 2022 works program.


I would like to point out that there was extensive localised repairs completed on Griffith Avenue in 2020 as part of our Major Works Program and that there are further works planned on Ormond Road on this year’s works program.


There is no extensive resurfacing works planned for Drumcondra Road Upper at present.




Shane Satell